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About A Silver Lining,
The Maine Bracelet Company®
and the shop at
17 Townsend Avenue in Boo
thbay Harbor

The building A Silver Lining occupies has been a jewelry store for over 140 years in 1887 when W. F. Dudley opened. He was followed by the Bullocks and then the Fred and Gladys Pratt who operated the store fixing watches and selling jewelry for over 50 years. When Fred and Gladys wanted to retire, Tony Heyl took over the business and moved his Granary parking lot shop A Silver Lining up onto Townsend Avenue. 

A Silver Lining has been serving the Boothbay and Coastal Maine area for over 40 years. We are pleased to now offer our original jewelry designs, including our most famous item The Maine Bracelet® designed by Tony Heyl in 1999.  The pieces of jewelry you will find on this site are all designs by the staff at A Silver Lining (except for the chains and charm bracelets) and are hand wrought in Boothbay Harbor, Maine. 

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