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The Maine Bracelet™ (8mm flat band)

The Maine Bracelet is the most popular item made by A Silver Lining. This bracelet represents the natural beauty and human economy of the state of Maine. This bracelet closes with a tension clasp, slipping one ring over a post and remaining tightly closed until opened by the wearer. The most popular style is the sterling silver band and brass claw. However, claws are available in sterling, brass, and gold (solid or with a hollow back). (Please call 207-633-4103 for pricing and more information about our gold on gold Maine Bracelets.)

We make our bracelets in quarter inch increments (5.75" - 8"). To determine what size bracelet to order, measure your wrist by wrapping it tightly with a string and holding the string to a ruler. Order by this distance around your wrist. Feel free to contact us with sizing or style questions.

This bracelet features our large (8mm) flat sterling silver band with 1½-inch claw charm.

The Maine Bracelet® 8mm Band

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